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1. Ensure you visit the puppies at the breeder's home and see the mum (Dam) interacting with the puppies (the puppies should be with their mum  and should NOT be being sold for a third party) 

2. Ensure you see the KC Registration Form and also the BVA Eye test certificates for BOTH parents – check the eye results are clear and are dated within a year of the puppies being born

3. Reputable Breeders will have their puppies health checked by the vet, wormed and vaccinated before leaving for their new homes

4. DO NOT pay a deposit prior to visiting the puppies or pay for a puppy to be delivered to you unseen

5. Request details of diet, worming, socialising, training, breed characteristics 

6. Request information regarding any breeder Agreements/Contract 

7. Be Warned – some breeders sell unregistered puppies, this is not acceptable. Are they Havanese? Why is the breeder doing this? The Dam (bitch) can be then bred from at every season! Do NOT buy unregistered puppies; ensure all puppies have a Kennel Club Registration Certificate. 

8. The puppies and mum should be clean, happy and outgoing, never nervous or timid.

9. BEWARE – Because Havanese are very popular, there are various people in the UK offering puppies that have been born in other countries just to supply a demand. Please do not encourage this trade by even contemplating purchasing a puppy by this method; it may not even be a Havanese. You will not know the conditions the puppies are reared in, or how the mother of the litter is kept (she may just be a breeding machine!) 

10. DO NOT communicate via email/internet only. Speak to the breeder on the telephone; ensure you are comfortable with the breeders’ responses to your questions. Where possible visit the breeder prior to the puppies being born to see how their Havanese live in their homes; they are not kennel dogs and should be first and foremost happy family companions.

Most breeders who show their Havanese, breed only from healthy and fit dogs and keep them in good condition. They make every effort to promote the breed correctly, and often take part in canine events and other doggy disciplines. Breeders whose dogs have never been shown may be having puppies only for financial gain. 
Contact the Secretary of the Club if you need advice prior to deciding on breeders/puppies. If you have purchased a puppy and have any queries or complaints please contact the Club and we will try to help.

Looking for a Havanese Puppy?

The following advice will be helpful in your search for a healthy, happy, lovable Havanese puppy from a responsible breeder. Many, but not all, of our breeder members have joined the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme. Regardless of whether or not you are buying a puppy from an Assured Breeder, you still need to do your homework and ensure that you ask the right questions. Please make it your responsibility to ensure the breeder's standards are acceptable before buying a Havanese (or any breed) puppy.