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HCGB Open Shows

Recent HCGB Open shows are listed below- please click individual links to see more information. Our members can access results, critiques and photographs of the shows in the Members' Area.

5th May 2024

HCGB 32nd Open Show

8th April 2023

HCGB 31st Open Show

10th April 2022

HCGB 30th Open Show

18 Apr 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions


20 Apr 2019

HCGB 29th Open Show

07 Apr 2018

HCGB 28th Open Show

08 Apr 2017

HCGB 27th Open Show

09 Apr 2016

HCGB 26th Open Show

11 Apr 2015

HCGB 25th Open Show

12 Apr 2014

HCGB 24th Open Show

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