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The Club - what we do

We are a friendly and accessible club dedicated to promoting the breed and ensuring the welfare of the Havanese in the UK.  Our experienced and enthusiastic committee and officers  readily give up their time to organise events and shows.  They are happy to give wide ranging advice to anyone considering this wonderful breed.


We are dedicated to Havanese

Our loyalty, first and foremost, is to the Havanese breed. We work towards raising awareness amongst pet owners and future breeders regarding the characteristics, needs and health of the breed. 
Our newsletter updates Club members on latest developments in the breed, health initiatives, and range of topics of interest to Havanese owners.


We welcome new members

The club welcomes anyone who has an interest in the Havanese breed, whether your interest is in breeding, showing, dog sports or having a lovely, family friendly pet. 

Come and find us at Discover Dogs events in the UK annually or visit the Havanese ring at one of the many shows across the UK where you can meet some of our members and their beautiful dogs. 

Contact the Membership Secretary, Catherine Muscroft, for further information on membership benefits.


We organise events

We organise a range of events dedicated to our breed. This includes Open and Championship Shows, Fun Days for Havanese owners and Seminars.
Our events are popular and well attended. Please see the 'Events' section to find out more. 


Browse our website

Please browse our website for more information on all things Havanese.

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